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A Homeless Man Gave A Girl His Last $5 To Get Home What She Did For Him Will Amaze You! | Patriot Newswire

A Homeless Man Gave A Girl His Last $5 To Get Home What She Did For Him Will Amaze You!

Posted on 1/4/2017 by with 30 comments


After a night out partying, Dominique Harrison-Bentzen, above, discovered that she’d lost her ATM card and she was without money to take a cab home. A homeless man, who is going only by the name “Robbie” was standing close by, say her delima, and offered Harrison-Bentzen, a former beauty pageant finalist, his last $5 so that she could get home safely.

Miss Harrison-Bentzen was so touched by the kindness of a man who most people walk by as if he’s invisible that she decided to do him a favor in return. She posted about his kind act on Facebook and asked for donations. She’s since raised more than $35,000.00 for this homeless man! Also, she spends time, 24 hours at a pop, actually, dressing up as if she’s homeless in order to get a feel for what the plight of the homeless is really like.

She’s spent time getting to know “Robbie” and it turns out he’s been homeless for seven months due to no fault of his own, as she puts it. Also, since he has no address, he’s been unable to find a job.

Miss Harrison-Bentzen resides in Preston, England, and is a student there. That’s where this situation took place.

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