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Welfare All-Stars Where Are They Now? 'Somebody Owe Me For My Fifteen Kids!' | Patriot Newswire

Welfare All-Stars Where Are They Now? ‘Somebody Owe Me For My Fifteen Kids!’

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We all remember Angel Adams. A couple of years ago, she was the 37 year old single mother with fifteen children. As best we can tell, she became a single mother of sixteen children at the beginning of 2014, according to our hyper-linked source below.

The question now is, ‘where is this welfare all-star’ and is another kid on the way? We saw in a video that went viral that Angel felt that the State owed her for all of those children. As this more recent video shows, a not for profit group paid off her debts and provided a nice house with a playground for her children. Her response? She was happy to have the house, but she wanted everyone involved with seeing that she got it out of her life.

From our source:

TAMPA — A courtroom full of people who paid off Angel Yulee Adams’ debts and found a rent-free, six-bedroom home for her and a dozen of her children waited Monday morning for a sign of gratitude, a clue of cooperation. They waited for a thank you.

They didn’t get it. Angel Adams, 37, said she was glad to have the home. But she wanted them all out of her life.

“I’ve been railroaded since day one,” she said.
The state says day one was 21 months and 28 hearings ago, when Adams first landed in the courtroom of Hillsborough Circuit Judge Tracy Sheehan. Ever since then, Sheehan said, the state has tried to keep Adams and her children together. . .

Judge Sheehan gave her a lecture.

Adams would not have sat through 28 hearings if her kids had been fed, got their medicines and were living in a good home, the judge said. “We know you want us out of your life,” she told Adams. “We will be thrilled to close this case when you have all these things.”

Adams sat at a table just below the judge’s bench, looking away from Sheehan.

“A lot of people have gone way extra miles for you,” Sheehan said. “Do you understand that?”
Adams replied quietly, “No comment, your honor.”
“Hear what I’m saying,” the judge told her.

“Reach out your hand to these people instead of looking a gift horse in the mouth and asking for more, more, more.”

If anyone can update us on Angel’s whereabouts and how she is doing, and whether or not she’s pregnant again yet, please let us know in the comments below.


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