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What Happens When 10 Punks Try To Rape A Boxer's Wife!... | Patriot Newswire

What Happens When 10 Punks Try To Rape A Boxer’s Wife!…

Posted on 1/7/2017 by with 3 comments

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Karma has a magical way of working. Here’s an example. Ten thugs at a nightclub see a woman who they find attractive. They attempt to pull her into a V.I.P. room for a night of partying, against her will. Little do they know that her husband has merely stepped inside the john to have a wee. Further, they do not know that aforementioned husband is a professional boxer and martial arts expert.

When the lady’s husband, 29 year old Nicolai Vlasenko, a Russian professional fighter, came out of the john and saw what was going on, he intervened. The men asked if he’d like to ‘take it outside,’ and he said he’d love nothing more. As you can see by what followed, captured by CCTV camera, the thugs made the wrong choice.

Witnesses say that there were two ring leaders to the mob, and after Vlasenko knocked both of them out in one punch each, the followers shut their mouths. Looks like he knocked out a third just to make an exclamation point!

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