Author: MarkLewis

Former editor-in-chief of the DC Gazette.

America on the Brink: The Shocking Truth Behind the Unchecked Weaponization of Federal Agencies, Threatening Liberties and Our Republic!

 MarkLewis  February 20, 2024

“EXPOSED: The Nation in Crisis as Federal Agencies Spiral Out of Control! A shocking revelation of the unchecked weaponization of U.S. federal agencies threatens the very core of our democracy. In a relentless power grab, agencies designed to safeguard our liberties have been manipulated for political gain, eroding our rights and stifling dissent. This eye-opening expose delves into the perilous path we’re on, where the promise of justice turns into a tool of oppression, leaving citizens at the mercy of a system meant to serve them. Brace yourselves for the hard truth as we unveil the dire consequences and urgent call to action against this unprecedented threat to American freedoms!”

“This Is Sick’: British Hospitals Say “Milk” From Men Equal To Mothers’ Breast Milk For Babies

 MarkLewis  February 19, 2024

A British trust that supervises numerous hospitals issued a letter claiming that milk produced by biological men (with the aid…

Charles Barkley Rips San Francisco During Live NBA All-Star Broadcast: ‘You Can’t Even Walk Around Down There’

 MarkLewis  February 19, 2024

Former NBA star forward Charles Barkley slammed the city of San Francisco during the live broadcast of the NBA All-Star…

Self-Proclaimed Neo-Nazis March Through Nashville, Spark Condemnation By State Leaders, Speculation Online

 MarkLewis  February 18, 2024

A group of self-proclaimed neo-Nazis marched through downtown Nashville on Saturday with large black flags with swastikas, prompting condemnations from…

‘They Will Not Get Away With It’: Trump Attorney Unloads After Stunning New York Fraud Verdict

 MarkLewis  February 17, 2024

 Former President Donald Trump’s attorney Alina Habba slammed Judge Arthur Engoron and New York Attorney General Letitia James on Friday, following…

Flashback: Letitia James Stated She Would “Remove Trump From Office” During Campaign For New York AG

 MarkLewis  February 17, 2024

She expressed her satisfaction with the court’s decision, asserting that it demonstrated that “no one is above the law, no…

U.S. Senators Overwhelmingly Condemn Putin For Navalny’s Death

 MarkLewis  February 16, 2024

U.S. Senators stood in solidarity on Friday in condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin for the death of opposition leader Alexei…

RFK Jr.: Trans Athletes Should Not Be Allowed To Compete Against Women

 MarkLewis  February 16, 2024

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said during an event this week that he does not believe that men with…

Hunter’s China Work Began In 2015 Immediately After VP Biden’s Christmas Party, Bobulinsky Testifies

 MarkLewis  February 16, 2024

A decorated military veteran who was in business with Hunter Biden told Congress that contrary to assertions by Democrats, the…

Israel Reportedly Carried Out Covert Attacks On Natural Gas Infrastructure Inside Iran

 MarkLewis  February 16, 2024

Israel reportedly carried out secret attacks on Iranian natural gas pipelines inside Iran this week as a warning to world’s…