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Nikki Haley Refuses To Drop Out: ‘The Political Elite’ Are Against Me; Trump ‘Unstable’

 MarkLewis  February 20, 2024

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley held a press conference on Tuesday to address the state of the 2024 presidential race,…

America on the Brink: The Shocking Truth Behind the Unchecked Weaponization of Federal Agencies, Threatening Liberties and Our Republic!

 MarkLewis  February 20, 2024

“EXPOSED: The Nation in Crisis as Federal Agencies Spiral Out of Control! A shocking revelation of the unchecked weaponization of U.S. federal agencies threatens the very core of our democracy. In a relentless power grab, agencies designed to safeguard our liberties have been manipulated for political gain, eroding our rights and stifling dissent. This eye-opening expose delves into the perilous path we’re on, where the promise of justice turns into a tool of oppression, leaving citizens at the mercy of a system meant to serve them. Brace yourselves for the hard truth as we unveil the dire consequences and urgent call to action against this unprecedented threat to American freedoms!”