Danny DeVito Says He’ll Be Working With Arnold Schwarzenegger Again: ‘There’s A Script Being Written’

Actors Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who starred together in the 1988 action comedy “Twins,” will be reuniting for a new project.

DeVito, 79, made the revelation while speaking with Fox News Digital.

“He’s like my buddy. We have a good time together,” the “Matilda” actor said of Schwarzenegger. “You know, we’re trying to do another movie together. We’re in the middle of — there’s a script being written. We want to get back on the big screen together.”

The pair was last seen together presenting at the Academy Awards on Sunday. In addition to “Twins,” they worked together in the 1994 comedy “Junior.”

DeVito didn’t elaborate on the new project beyond confirming that it won’t be a “Twins” sequel. “Ivan, rest his soul; he’s no longer with us. Ivan Reitman, who did ‘Twins,’ who got us together on the screen for the first time,” DeVito said.

Reitman, who directed “Ghostbusters,” “Junior,” and “Kindergarten Cop,” died in 2022. 

DeVito said he became friends with Schwarzenegger, 76, before they worked together professionally. “Not at the gym, because I don’t go,” he joked. “But we’re looking forward to getting back up there on the screen. So, fingers crossed, next year we’ll be in production with something. We always have a good time together. He’s a sweet guy.”

“We smoke a stogie in the yard,” he told the outlet at another point of his friend and co-star. “You know, come on, and we have a good time. I love him.”


DeVito previously alluded to this unnamed project, mentioning that “Twins 2” never happened because Schwarzenegger entered politics and was elected governor of California in 2003.

“Arnold and I want to work together,” DeVito told GQ in an interview published in November 2023. “We missed Twins 2, because he became governor — which, he should have done ‘Twins 2’ instead of becoming governor,” he added. “Now we have a little thing going, a little project that we’ve been chatting about,” DeVito said.

The actor described the project, saying it was “just two friends, two guys, because we have a good time together. We complement each other in a lot of ways. I am way stronger than he is.”